Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Adult Services Committee (Disbanded May, 2007)

Terms of Reference: The Adult Services Committee was disbanded in May, 2007. it dealt with the following matters:-

- all matters (excluding those specifically referred to the Children's Services Committee) relating to the provision of social and community services for which the Council are responsible including:-

- housing;

- social work (including community care services);

- lifelong learning (including community and further education and adult guidance);

- leisure and recreation including parks, sports centres, allotments, the countryside, museums, art galleries and libraries;

- community development strategy (excluding economic development); - training (including vocational training but excluding employee development training and elected member training); and

- burial grounds and crematoria.

Scrutiny and Performance Review

The scrutiny and performance review functions of all committees are set out in paragraphs 3.6 and 3.8 of the Scheme of Administration.
Minutes & Agenda Items
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