Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Community Safety Committee (Disbanded May, 2007)

Terms of Reference:

The terms of reference and functions of the Community Safety Committee was disbanded in May, 2007.  It dealt with the following matters:-

- Matters relating to the promotion of safer communities in Fife including:-
- crime prevention and strategies to address the causes of crime;
- consumer and public safety; and
- public health.

Matters relating to the following:-
- police functions;
- criminal justice services;
- fire functions;
- safety of sports grounds;
- trading standards;
- miscellaneous licensing co-ordination;
- emergency planning and civil defence;
- licensing board co-ordination; and
- district court co-ordination.

Scrutiny and Performance Review
The scrutiny and performance review functions of all committees are set out in paragraphs 3.6 and 3.8 of the Scheme of Administration.

Minutes & Agenda Items

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