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Fife Licensing Forum

Fife Licensing Forum


Dr. Margaret Hannah

John Barclay

Jim Bett

Hannah Goldsack

Izzy Corbin

Jeff Ellis (Chair)

Paul Smith

David Henderson

Stuart Renton

John Goddall

Douglas Hardaker

William Dickson


Licensing Standards Officers

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 requires each local authority in Scotland to appoint one or more Licensing Standards Officers (LSOs).

Fife Council employs 4 LSOs due to the large number of licences spread over a large geographical area.

The role of the LSOs is to:

  • Provide guidance to any person on licensing matters in the Fife area
  • Ensure compliance with the legislation by premises licence holders, and
  • Mediate between licence holders and the public when disputes arise.

The LSO can enter and inspect premises, require documents to be produced, and ask questions of the premises manager and the people serving alcohol at the premises.

The LSO can issue a notice requiring action to be taken where a breach of licensing conditions is found.

In the event of failure to comply with a notice, the LSO may apply for a review of the premises licence by Fife Licensing Board.

In the event that a premises has been found to be operating inconsistently with one or more of the licensing objectives, the LSO can apply for a review of the premises licence by Fife Licensing Board.

The Licensing Standards Officers for Fife Council normally work in pairs on four day shifts which operate seven days a week from 14:00 to 01:00.

The best way to contact the LSOs is to leave a voice mail on

 03451 555555 ext 446925 or 446926. 

The LSOs will pick up your call and get back to you.



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