Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Fife Licensing Forum

Fife Licensing Forum



Jeff Ellis - Convener 

John Barclay

Jim Bett

Clare Campbell - Publis Health, NHS Fife

Izzy Corbin

David Henderson

Douglas Hardaker - Environmental Health, Fife Council

Gordon Hood, Licensing Sergeant, Police Scotland (Fife Division)

Gregor Hannah

Fiona Rattray - Social Work Service, Fife Council

Paul Smith



The terms of reference of the Forum are as follows:-


(a)  To Keep the liquor licensing system in Fife under regular review and to respond to consultation exercises undertaken by the Fife Licensing Board and the Scottish Government as appropriate;

(b)  To consider the implication of  relevant local data and statistics provided by Police Scotland (Fife Division), NHS (Fife) and other relevant organisations;

(c)  To meet the Fife Licensing Board at least once per calendar year; and

(d)  To advise the Fife Lic ensing Board on any matters of policy and other areas of concern, excepting individual cases.




In terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 ("the Act"), the Forum shall consist of not fewer than three and not more than twenty-one members from the various representative groups specified in the Act.

In order to be eligible for membership of the Forum, a person must be:-


(a)  aged 16 years or above;

(b)  able to demonstrate an interest in the licensing system; and

(c)  currently employed in or be a duly  appointed representative of one or more of  the following groups, namely:-


*   Police Scotland (Fife Division)

*  persons having functions relating to health, education and social work

*  holders of premises licences and personal licenses

*  persons resident within Fife:or

*  young people in the area of  Fife.


Members of the Forum will initially be appointed by Fife Council.




Wendy Macgregor, Committee Officer

Legal & Democratic Services

Fife House

North Street


Fife  KY7 5LT


03451 555 555 Ext 442178








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