Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Social Work & Health Committee

Social Work & Health Committee.

Additional non-voting Members on the Committee:

George Brechin, Chief Executive, NHS Fife

Carole Patrick, Deputy Manager, CVS Fife


Terms of Reference


The terms of reference and functions of the Social Work and Health Committee are to deal with the following matters:-

  • all matters relating to the provision and regulation of services under Social Work legislation including:-
    • adoption;
    • the administration of the children’s panel; and
    • support and protection for children and their families;
  • community care services;
  • with Education and Children’s Services Committee, the planning and co-ordination of services for children.
  • Development and implementation of corporate policy for theprovision of child care for which the Council has statutory responsibility;
  • contribute to the promotion of children’s welfare including participating in the preparation and review of a Plan for the provision of services for children in Fife;
  • all matters referred from the Social Work Review Committee;
  • receive and consider matters relating to the protection and care of vulnerable people for which the Council has responsibility;
  • health improvement matters (including consideration and approval of the Joint Health Improvement Plan);
  • scrutinise the work and effectiveness of the Health and Social Care Partnership Group in terms of achieving Council and Partnership objectives.
Minutes & Agenda Items
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