Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Environment, Enterprise & Transportation Committee (Disbanded May, 2012)


Terms of Reference


The terms of reference and functions of the Environment, Enterprise and Transportation Committee are to deal with the following matters:- 

  • sustainable development (including the development, promotion and implementation of policies and strategies to encourage sustainable development in Fife and having an input to the Fife Structure Plan and Local Plans);
  • all matters pertaining to City Region Planning but excluding any matter remitted to the Planning Committee or Area Committees);
  • environment (including monitoring and control of air and water quality, contaminated land and preparation of the environmental protection strategy);
  • economic development (includingvocational training);
  • tourism (insofar as relating to the functions of the Council);
  • roads;
  • transportation (including adoption of local transport plans, strategic transportation schemes and traffic orders required for such schemes and charging orders);
  • harbours;
  • coastal protection and flood prevention; and
  • cleansing and waste management.


Scrutiny and Performance Review


The Committee shall be responsible for the scrutiny and review of performance of the functions remitted to them as provided for in paragraphs 3.8. to 3.10 of this Scheme.

Minutes & Agenda Items
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