Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Housing & Communities Committee (Disbanded May, 2012)


Terms of Reference


The terms of reference and functions of the Housing and CommunitiesCommittee are to deal with the following matters:-


  • all matters relating to the provision of housing and community services for which the Council are responsible including:-
    • the Council’s responsibilities as the statutory housing authority for Fife (including the development and implementation of housing policy, the Council’s functions as landlord and all matters relating to housing investment);
    • the provision of council housing;
    • community and further education and adult guidance insofar as within the responsibility of the Council;
    • the provision or procurement of leisure, recreational and cultural facilities including parks, sports centres, allotments, the countryside, theatres, museums, art galleries and libraries;
    • the promotion of community engagement and wellbeing and the development of initiatives to achieve Community Plan objectives;
    • the development, maintenance and review of the Council’s community learning and development strategy;
    • burial grounds and crematoria;
    • matters relating to the registration of births, deaths and marriages;
    • strategies to regenerate and ensure sustainable communities including use of regeneration funding streams;
    • development of initiatives and arrangements to improve local service delivery neighbourhood management and quality of the local environment;


Minutes & Agenda Items

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