Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Police, Fire & Safety Committee (Disbanded May, 2012)

Terms of Reference


The terms of reference and functions of the Police, Fire and Safety Committee are to deal with the following matters:-


  • The promotion of safer communities in Fife including:-
    • crime prevention and strategies to address the causes of crime;
    • consumer and public safety; and
    • public health (including the Council’s functions relating to food safety, animal health and welfare and health and safety).
    • police functions;
    • criminal justice services (including matters relating to the role and functions of the Criminal Justice Authority);
    • youth justice;
    • fire functions;
    • safety of sports grounds;
    • emergency planning and civil defence;
    • licensing board co-ordination; and
    • district court co-ordination.


Key Publications

Minutes & Agenda Items
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