Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Health & Social Care Integration Joint Board

Health & Social Care Integration Joint Board




Fife Council (Voting)

Councillor David Alexander (SNP)

Councillor David J Ross (Conservative)

Councillor Tony Miklinski (Conservative)

Councillor Fiona Grant (SNP)

Councillor Rosemary Liewald (SNP)

Councillor Tim Brett (Lib Dem)

Councillor David Graham (Labour)

Councillor Mary Lockhart (Labour)


NHS Fife (Voting)

Dr. Frances Elliot

Helen Wright

Simon Little (Chair)

Wilma Brown

Martin Black

Christina Cooper

Moira Adams

Eugene Clarke


Professional Advisers (Non-voting) 

Michael Kellet - Director, Health and Social Care Partnership

Jen McPhail - Chief Finance Officer, Health and Social Care Partnership

Nicky Connor -  Associate Nurse Director (Registered Nurse Representative, NHS Fife)

Dougie Dunlop - Chief Social Work Officer, Fife Council

Dr. Susie Mitchell - Genereral Medical Practitioner Representative, NHS Fife

Dr. Katherine Paramore - Medical Practitioner (not GP), NHS Fife


Stakeholder Members (Non-voting)

Karen Mack - Independent Sector Representative

Ian Dall - Service User Representative 

Simon Fevre - Staff Representative, NHS Fife

Eleanor Haggett - Staff Representative, Fife Council

Morna Fleming - Carer Representative

Kenny Murphy - CEO Fife Voluntary Action (Third Sector Representative)

Debbie Thompson - Joint TU Secretary, Fife Council

Carolyn McDonald - Allied Health Professionals Representative, NHS Fife


In attendance Officers

Steve Grimmond - Chief Executive, Fife Council

Paul Hawkins - Chief Executive, NHS Fife

Julie Paterson - Divisional General Manager, H&SCP

Claire Dobson - Divisional General Manager (West), H&SCP

David Heaney - Divisional General Manager (East), H&SCP

Fiona McKay - Head of Strategic Planning, Performance & Commissioning

Seonaid McCallum - Associate Medical Director, NHS Fife

Connie Flint - Communications Officer H&SCP

Evelyn McPhail - Director of Pharmacy

Dr Margaret Hannah - Director of Public Health

Norma Aitken - Head of Corporate Services

Wendy Anderson - H&SCP Co-ordinator


Audit & Risk Committee


Membership Meeting Dates
Christina Cooper (Chair)  Friday 2 March 2018
Jen McPhail  (Exec Lead)  Friday 29 June 2018
Martin Black  Friday 21 September 2018
Cllr. Richar Watt  
Cllr. David J Ross  
Ingrid Tjeransen (Secretatrial Support)  


Clinical & Care Governance Committee


Membership Meeting Dates
Cllr. Tim Brett (Chair) Tuesday 12 December 2017
Dr Seonaid McCallum (Exec Lead) Tuesday 13 March 2018
Cllr. David J Ross Wednesday 9 May 2018
Cllr. Mary Lockhart Tuesday 17 July 2018
Wilma Brown Tuesday 11 September 2018
Christine Cooper Friday 9 November
Eugene Clarke  
Elaine Dodds (Secretarial Support)  


Finance & Performance Committee


Membership Meeting Dates
Cllr. David Graham (Chair) Monday 15 January 2018
Fiona McKay (Exec Lead) Friday 16 March 2018
Cllr. David Alexander Friday 11 May 2018
Cllr. Sam Steele Thursday 19 July 2018
Moira Adams Friday 14 September 2018
Martin Black Thursday 8 November 2018
Simon Little  
Ingrid Tjeransen (Secretarial Support)  


If you have any queries relating to the Integration Joint Board please contact Norma Aitken, Head of Corporate Services: norma.aitken1@nhs.net or  03451 55 55 55  ext: 444328

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