Cycling Charter for Fife (2008 - 2013)

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Published: Sunday 01 Nov 2009 by Fife Council

Cycling Charter

Cycling Charter


1.0 Introduction

Sets out the vision, objectives, policies and measures to promote cycling in Fife (2008-2013)


2.0 Cycling in Fife

Fife Cycleway Network


3.0 Issues for Fife (Scotland and the UK)

Benefits of cycling


4.0 Vision and Objectives

Development of the document themes


5.0 Priorities and Policies for Future Cycling Provision in Fife

Aspirations and overarching targets


6.0 Resourcing of Charter

Budget allocation; key projects and studies


7.0 Future Cycle Projects in Fife

Route developments


8.0 Monitoring and Evaluation

Indicators and targets


Archived Feature originally published 01 Nov 2009 - 31 Dec 2011

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