A positive use for fake goods

Archived news: published on Thursday 05 Jul 2018 by Fife Council

Fife Trading Standards joined forces this week with the Sports Traider charity, who are based in Milton Keynes, to put previously seized counterfeit clothing and footwear to good use. 

The charity raises money by recycling counterfeit products using prison work shops where they are either rebranded if possible, shredded or cut into rags. This ensures that it is done in a secure environment and gives prisons much needed work. It also gives important training for prisoners which stands them in good stead for when they are released. The money raised is ploughed into helping the disabled and disadvantaged in the UK gain employment, training, sporting opportunities, and has also recently helped wounded and sick ex-military personnel through its sports rehabilitation programme.

Sports Traider sells its recycled clothing through a chain of charity sports shops and further supports the community by offering work experience to the disabled, young people, the long-term unemployed, disadvantaged groups, and ex-offenders in the stores.  Forty two ex-offenders have been given this opportunity and only two have ultimately re-offended. Clothing is also distributed to low income families through homeless shelters, food banks and directly to deserving people on the streets.  For more information on the charity visit their website at www.sportstraider.org.uk

Dawn Adamson, Service Manager commented, “We are delighted to work with this excellent charity who are dealing with counterfeit goods in a way that is very productive on many levels. It is a welcome positive at a time when The National Crime Agency estimates that counterfeit goods are still costing the UK economy around £1.3 billion a year in lost profits and taxes. As always, I would urge the public to stay clear of fake products and remind them that profits made from counterfeit sales can go on to fund larger criminal operations, including organised crime and even terrorism. Our team will continue to do everything in its power to protect Fife consumers from these goods which are also often found to be unsafe.”

Carol Haynes, Logistics and Operations Director of Sports Traider said, “We are thrilled to have recently extended our working relationships with Local Authorities to include councils up in Scotland.  It is an arrangement that works well for all concerned and we obviously hope it continues in the future. We are grateful to receive the goods and in turn we can assure everyone that they will be dealt with in an extremely worthwhile manner.” 

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