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Published: Monday 10 Jun 2019 by Fife Council

Councillor Vettraino; Chris Birnie; Ian Brand and Shaun Thomson

Councillor Vettraino; Chris Birnie; Ian Brand and Shaun Thomson

Councillor Ross Vettraino, Chairman of Fife Council’s Environment, Protective Services and Community Safety Committee, has been out with a refuse collection vehicle in Newport-on-Tay


“I believe in a ‘hands on’ approach and I wanted to see for myself the difficulties with which the Council’s refuse collectors have to contend in the course of collecting refuse in streets, which are never designed to accommodate more than a few vehiclesat any time, far less the numbers that we now see as a consequence of the vehicle explosion of the past few decades.


“The problems arise, not just from the numbers of vehicles but mainly because some of those parking them haven’t realised the difficulties that they are creating by not parking as thoughtfully as they could have done.  It is the case that there have beenoccasions when access to some streets have been so restricted that it wasn’t possible for the refuse collection vehicle to get access to empty the bins.  These bins are frequently reported as having been ‘missed’, but they weren’t missed, they simply couldn’tbe accessed.


“The Council is looking at the problem and the several measures which can be taken to ease the situation, including direct approaches to the owners of the vehicles that are seen to be causing the problem, street signage and double yellow lines.


“The Council’s refuse collection crews do everything possible to deliver the high quality service that the Council offers and must be commended for maintaining that high quality despite the difficulties that they encounter.  Given the volume of traffic onthe roads and the larger sizes of vehicles, including refuse collection vehicles, the skills demanded of the drivers of large vehicles are ever increasing.  On the basis of what I have seen, it is clear to me that the Council’s refuse collection vehicles driversare more than up to the challenge and have to be praised for their skill.”

Ross J Vettraino OBE, Councillor 
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