Pittencrieff Park Ranger Update March 2018

Archived news: published on Friday 16 Mar 2018 by Fife Council


Pittencrieff Park Ranger Update March 2018

More snow!  Whilst we have planted more seed and fruit bearing plants to the Glen during particularly tough winters our wildlife may still need a little bit of help.

If you do want to feed the birds please only offer them appropriate food such as:

Wild bird seed mixes


Peanuts (without any salt or other flavourings)

The following items are unsuitable and therefore SHOULD NOT be offered:

Bread – it’s not good for the digestive system of birds

Dry rice – it expands in the animals’ stomachs and can cause illness and severe digestive issues

ANY processed foods such as crisps, pizza, takeaways etc because they contain additives and in particular salt which is not good for any wild animals.  It may sound odd but I have seen evidence of all of these being offered to wildlife in the Glen!  Aside from causing issues for the wildlife leaving a lot of food waste lying around encourages greater numbers of pest species (such as rats and grey squirrels) and during warmer months maggots and flies.  It can also cause problems for dogs that might come along and eat the food waste left behind.  Finally rotting food is not something we want being left all over the Glen – in some cases it needs to cleared away by parks staff and is unpleasant for anyone visiting the park.  Save food waste for your composters!

In the Glassroom the mulching continues…

Pittencrieff Primary School have volunteered to help plant the sunflower seeds, peanuts and grains for making our very own bird food.

Over in the Kitchen Garden

As yet we have no dates in mind for getting the planting beds dug over and any topsoil or manure added – this is mainly due to on and off snow and frozen ground!  Completely normal for this time of year though.  Fingers crossed before the end of March we have a clearer idea of when we can get planting!

We rely on dedicated volunteers to help with the maintenance of these beds throughout the summer (mainly watering and weeding).  Lookout for opportunities to volunteer or put your name down to help look after our seedlings.

Next month:

Myself and some willing volunteers will dig over all of the planting beds and add some of the compost available from the Fife Council Recycling Centres.  Any outside work will be weather permitting of course – digging frozen ground is a little difficult!  Date to be confirmed!

Volunteer Mini Recruitment session(s) – alongside existing volunteers I can give a bit of information about where we need help in the Glen and hopefully sign up some willing volunteers.

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