Modern Apprenticeship Week: Focus on our Young Workforce

Archived news: published on Tuesday 06 Mar 2018 by Fife Council



Eilidh Smith is a Business Support Assistant in Protective Services and Employability and recently represented Fife Council in the Young Scotland Programme.  The Young Scotland Programme exists to develop communication skills and broaden the horizons of people in early stages of their working lives.  Delegates attended a three day course where they are encouraged to think, and talk openly about a variety of issues facing society today. Each delegate then presents a short paper on a subject of ‘current interest or controversy’.


“Initially, I was very nervous about arriving at the hotel and meeting 30 strangers who I would be effectively living with for the next three days.  I very quickly realised that I had nothing to be nervous about!  We were all welcomed by the organisers and given a delegate pack which contained all of the information about the upcoming week and also a quick intro to each other and who would be in each of the groups.


First of all I had to choose a ‘Thing of Value’ which is something of sentimental value (not necessarily monetary value) and I was asked to prepare a 6 minute Argument Paper on any topic which I felt was relevant, current and which I am passionate about.


Over the three days we listened to 27 argument papers which required you to really listen and broaden your horizons in order to allow you to actively participate in the discussion after each one.  I personally found it very interesting hearing what other people my age around the country were passionate about and also what issues were affecting our country and the world as a whole. Everyone was so supportive of each other and you could feel that the room was on your side during your presentation.


We also had a group challenge to prepare -  a presentation based on the word “faith”.  This was a very interesting task because faith meant something different to everyone in our group.  We chose to focus on the relationship between faith & politics.  This group challenge took up most of our spare time between argument sessions.


Overall, I had a very interesting and informative few days in Troon where I was able to network with young people from all over the world that are living and working in Scotland.  We have all made life-long connections which we will be able to use in the future to help in our careers.”


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