People aged over 75 are losing their free TV Licence - they may be missing out on more

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Published: Wednesday 09 Oct 2019 by Fife Council

Members of the Glenrothes Area Committee and Fiona MacKay of Age Concern Glenrothes

Members of the Glenrothes Area Committee and Fiona MacKay of Age Concern Glenrothes

People aged over 75 are losing their free TV Licence - but they may be missing out on more entitlements. There is £5.4 million in unclaimed support and benefits to be claimed in the Glenrothes Area. A new campaign is being launched during Challenge Poverty Week to encourage older people to find and claim what they are due.


The Glenrothes Area committee is backing a new awareness raising campaign to encourage more people to claim money they should be receiving.

Working In partnership, Fife Council, Age Concern Glenrothes, NHSFife and CARF (Citizen's Advice and Rights Fife) are highlighting the large amount of pension credits and other benefits sitting unclaimed.


Over the next six months pop-up information points about claiming pension credits are going to be held across the Glenrothes Area. Advisers from CARF will be on hand to provide advice and guidance and can help with applications.  


Cllr Fiona Grant Convener of the Glenrothes Area Committee said: "Too many older people in Fife are trapped in poverty and we are working together to encourage them to claim money that could boost their incomes. For some this could be as much as £80 a week. Many older people are unaware of this money they are entitled to claim and sometimes reluctant to ask for it.   We will be reaching out through pop-up information points that will be held in a range of places such as: sheltered housing complexes, churches, day care groups, other social groups  and community centres and Fife Forum User Panel meetings. Look out for the Age Concern Glenrothes's  information table in the Kingdom Centre on  the fifth of December.

She added: "We will also be targeting some winter flu jab surgeries at local GP practices because we want to make it easy and convenient  for older people to ask for information and submit their claim for pension credit. From June 2020 If you are over the age of 75 and receiving a pension credit you will also be eligible for a free TV licence."


Norma Philpott from CARF said: "Our team is really keen to speak to anyone who might be entitled to pension credit or friends and family who are enquiring on their behalf. Anyone  over state pension-age who lives in Scotland and has a weekly income of £167.25 (single person) or £255.25 (couple) or less is entitled to Pension Credit . Look out for us in the in the GPs surgeries or contact us on is - 0345 1400 092."


Fiona Mackay of Age Concern Glenrothes said: "The aim of the campaign is to help many older and sometimes vulnerable people claim the money they are entitled to receiving . We work with older people in Glenrothes and the surrounding area and keen to use any opportunity to enhance their quality and enjoyment of life. Even a small amount of extra money could make a big difference to a person's life and help promote their independence, improve their confidence and reduce their social isolation.”


Some other entitlements that can be applied for are: free NHS dental treatment, and help towards the cost of glasses and travel to hospital is available; a Cold Weather Payment of £25 when the temperature is 0°C or below for 7 days in a row;  help towards housing costs and Council Tax and if you’re a carer, you may get an extra amount with your Pension Credit.

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