National Numeracy Day 2019

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Published: Friday 03 May 2019 by Fife Council

We are all numbers people.  Many of us say we’re not numbers people. But numbers play a big part in all of our lives.

From household budgeting to shopping, cooking, planning a journey or working out our team’s chance of winning the league, we all use numbers, every day. Despite this, 1 in every 2 working-age adults in the UK struggles with using numbers. Many of us are just getting by when we could be getting ahead: earning more, saving more and doing the things we love better. Just by getting a bit of help with our numbers.

That’s what National Numeracy Day 2019 is all about.

Recognising the important part numbers play in everyday life and helping people sharpen their skills and build their confidence so they can use numbers to help them save money, progress at work – or just manage everyday situations more easily. Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent, it’s something we can all learn. We’re all numbers people.


Take the Numeracy challenge in Fife on Wednesday 15 May 2019


Check your number skills and learn the maths that adults need in daily life and at work at

For more information call 01383 602331,  or

Find out more about National Numeracy Day at

Check whether you’ve got the Essentials of Numeracy at

Fay Browne, ABE Coordinator (Dunfermline, SWF, Cowdenbeath & Glenrothes) 
Tel: 01383 602331 Contact Fay Browne online
By Post: New City House 1 Edgar Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 7EP
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