No decision taken on recycling bin trials in Fife

Archived news: published on Monday 03 Apr 2017 by Fife Council

Fife Council is undertaking further analysis of the ongoing recycling bin trials before any future decision is taken.

The Council has a long way to go before any consideration can be given as to whether or not the recycling bin trials will be rolled out to any other areas within the region.


Analysis of the progress of the trials is ongoing. Evaluations undertaken to date were recently considered by Fife Council’s Environment & Transportation Policy Advisory Group (PAG), and the only decision taken at the meeting was to undertake additional extensive monitoring and analysis of the recycling trials. 


Chris Ewing, Chief Operating Officer Resource Efficient Solutions (RES), said: “I must stress that no decisions have been made on any further roll out of the recycling trials.


“Following the recent Policy Advisory Group (PAG) meeting, we are set to further analyse recycling centre usage, undertake more waste compositional analysis, and explore how we can support people  who want to recycle more.”


“We also need to calculate costs, to ensure that any roll-out is value for money for the people of Fife.


“We know that bin collections and the services delivered are very important to local people, and that’s why there’s ongoing analysis of the data gathered to-date and further monitoring. The outcome of the recent meeting means that extensive work still needs to be carried out before the Council’s Executive Committee can consider any potential changes to the services that we deliver.”


Launched at the end of September 2015, the recycling trials involve 4,000 households in the areas of Markinch and Coaltown of Balgonie, and Thornton and Stenton.


In both trials, recycling bins are emptied more often and landfill bins less often to help people to recycle more, boost recycling rates and develop a cleaner, greener Fife, as well as help reduce landfill costs.


Further research is set to be undertaken into the fullness of bins, how the kerb-side bins are being used, the use of recycling centres/ points and discussions with people in Fife.


This is important so that we fully understand the implications and possible benefits of potential increased recycling collections and reduced landfill collections for local people.

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