Pledge to fight poverty

Fife Council Co-Leaders are urging everyone to pledge their support for a fairer Fife

Fife Council Co-Leaders are urging everyone to pledge their support for a fairer Fife

FIFE Council leaders are asking Fifers to join them in renewing their pledge to work together to create a Kingdom that is more equal for everyone during Challenge Poverty Week.

Communities, businesses and individuals are being encouraged to tell their stories about the work they’re doing to create a fairer Fife and help the Council achieve its vision of a place where everyone can reach their full potential.

The Fairer Fife Commission set out a list of recommendations for tackling poverty in Fife and the new ‘Plan for Fife’ has taken these on board.

Council Co-Leader David Ross commented: “Since the Fairer Fife Commission published its report in 2016 we’ve made a lot of progress with our partners. We’re building new, affordable homes across the Kingdom, we’re investing in education and early years, we’re continuing our programme of building new care homes for our older people, and we’re investing in ways to keep people fit and healthy.  We continue to invest in apprenticeships and in providing support and infrastructure for jobs and training.

“We know the impact that Universal Credit is having on many people across Fife, and the problems of fuel poverty so we’re providing advice and practical support to assist people facing financial problems. 

“And there are lots of fantastic examples of local people who are committed to making a difference in their communities through volunteering or getting involved in local decision making. 

“By working together we can make things better and fairer for all of us”

One of the many challenges to the fight against poverty in Fife has been the introduction of universal credit and the impact it has had on families already struggling to cope.

Co-Leader David Alexander added: “Universal credit continues to be a real issue for many Fifers – people are struggling to cope – and that’s not only those who are not working. Rent arrears are on the rise and foodbanks are facing unprecedented demand. It’s a situation that cannot be allowed to continue.

“We need a co-ordinated response involving the local authority, third sector, community activists and volunteers, to ensure everyone gets a fair deal.

“We are publicly renewing our pledge to do our bit to help create a fairer Fife and overcome the challenges faced by too many in our society.

“And by asking others to join us in making a public pledge we can show what is being done across the Kingdom and encourage others to get involved and tell a positive story about “Our Fife.”

Anyone can make a pledge and do their bit to help create a Fairer Fife. You can make a pledge as an individual or as an organisation and we’ve created pledges for you to choose from or you can just write your own! It’s up to you. Together, we can make a difference.

Challenge Poverty Week is running from Oct 1-7



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