Empty Nesters can make great Foster Carers

Archived news: published on Monday 16 Nov 2015 by Fife Council

Myrna Venters - Foster Carer

Myrna Venters - Foster Carer

Have your children left home? Are they setting off on new careers and setting up their own homes? Are you feeling free at last or maybe you’re wondering what to do with yourself? It's not unusual to feel a sense of loss, nostalgia and maybe sadness when your children leave home. But people who have successfully raised their children and done their jobs as parents have a lot to offer vulnerable children. Fife Council is appealing to ‘empty nesters’ who are finding the house eerily quiet to consider becoming foster carers.


Myrna Venters Foster Carer with Fife Council said: “When our children left home I did not immediately think of fostering. But I remember hearing the adverts on the radio and seeing the messages around and that planted the idea in my mind. One day when I was picking up my grand-daughter from school I was speaking to a lady in the playground about fostering and this sparked me into action. I discussed it with my husband and contacted Fife Council. It was one of the best decisions we have made. Because we are older we have more time to spend with the children and lots experience to help support them.


She added: “As older foster carers, I think fostering benefits us as much as the children. We are kept fit and active, the children keep our minds young and fresh and we always enjoy lots of fun and laughter. Fostering opens up a wide spectrum of involvement that perhaps we wouldn't experience as we get older. Some people think they are too old to begin fostering but I would encourage them to go for it.”


Maybe you have thought about fostering before but the time just wasn’t right? Is now a good time? We are keen to recruit more foster carers in Fife so that the children and young people can stay as close to their local communities as possible.



Being a Foster Carer is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles anyone can play in a child’s life. If you feel you could make a difference to a child in Fife contact the Family Placement Team on 01383 602235.”

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