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Archived news: published on Tuesday 13 Mar 2018 by Fife Council

Stress is a widespread problem and it is not always clear what causes it. Signs of stress in the workplace include increased sick leave, higher staff turnover and conflicts at work. Over 2016/17, 40% of work-related illness was due to stress, anxiety or depression, and when staff were off sick, they stayed off for an average of 23.8 days (Health and Safety Executive, 2017). Stress can lead to physical health problems, difficulties with motivation and concentration, and increased mood swings, irritability and distress. The effects of stress are not limited to the workplace, as when we are stressed our home life can suffer as well.

There are many practical ways of dealing with stress. Step on Stress courses, run by NHS Fife Psychology Department, are free to any adult living in Fife. Step on Stress is run in a class format; it is not group therapy, so there is no expectation for you to discuss your experiences.

The course consists of three 90 minute classes – usually held in the evening - running over three weeks in various locations across Fife. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Session 1: we talk about common signs of stress, what keeps stress going, and how to start managing it through small, sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Session 2:  we look at how stress affects our bodies and how relaxation techniques can help to reduce these physical signs and symptoms.
  • Session 3: we focus on how to deal with the common negative thoughts and unhelpful ways of thinking that affect many of us when we are stressed or anxious.

Stress can feel really distressing and overwhelming, but you are not stuck with it. There are ways of dealing with stress.  Come along to Step on Stress to find out how!


Improving Communication Skills - Assertiveness Classes

The Step on Stress service also runs one-off two hour classes on building Assertiveness. These classes teach a number of communication techniques which can help you express your thoughts, feelings and opinions clearly and confidently. As with Step on Stress, these classes are not group therapy. You may find them particularly useful if you have difficulty standing up for yourself or saying no, accepting criticism or managing conflict. By practising assertiveness techniques, you can increase your self confidence, self-esteem and make positive changes in your relationships.

Although it may not feel like it, we always have a choice about whether to be assertive or not. Learn how to be more assertive at our Assertiveness class!


How to Book

You can find out more information on NHS Fife Psychology Department’s Moodcafe website, where we advertise upcoming courses, including Step on Stress courses and Assertiveness classes.

You can book onto a Step on Stress course by:

To book onto an Assertiveness class, you can phone or email us using the same details as above.

Step on Stress
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