Public urged to keep eyes open for children at risk

Archived news: published on Monday 24 Jun 2019 by Fife Council

Fifers are urged to keep their eyes open this summer

Fifers are urged to keep their eyes open this summer

Everyone in Fife is being encouraged to keep their Eyes Open for children at risk during the school holidays.

 As Fife schools prepare to ring the end of term bell on Friday for the holidays, a national child protection organisation is urging everyone to be extra observant to help protect potentially vulnerable children while school’s out for summer.

Child Protection Committees Scotland, a nation-wide grouping of child protection professionals hopes that members of the public will keep their eyes open and play a part to keep children safe from harm during the long break in the school routine.

CPCScotland Chair and Chair of Fife's Child Protection Committee Alan Small says that the summer holidays don’t present a fun-filled, relaxing time for everyone.

CPCScotland stresses that everyone in every community across the country is responsible for child welfare. By taking a more watchful, active Eyes Open approach, CPCScotland suggests that all members of the public can play a part to protect our children. As well as being vigilant, Alan Small stresses that it’s also essential to take action if you’re concerned about a child during the school holidays.

“We’re simply asking people in Fife to keep their eyes open for telltale signs that all is not well. Signs that a child might be at risk could include being alone and unsupervised, being out and about at all times of day or night or even going into “party” flats. A vulnerable child might be very dirty or persistently hungry, or have parents who are drunk in charge of them. If you’re at all worried, it’s important to take action.”

If you have seen something and have concerns about a child or children CPCScotland are clear that it’s much better to say something than do nothing. Alan Small says that your intervention could help a child at risk.

“You can ask the child if they’re okay or even offer the family some support. Or, if the situation is serious and you’re very worried contact Fife Council's children's services, or the police.”

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