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Published: Thursday 21 Sep 2017 by Fife Council

Fife Council is backing Climate Week, a national initiative designed to raise awareness and inspire action on climate change, which takes place from 18 September 2017.


Activities taking place throughout the week include tours of Council projects and sites that tackle climate change. These include solar, wind and biomass energy, waste management, electric vehicle demonstrations, and presentations highlighting recent climate change reduction projects and plans.


The trailblazing Fife Council projects that combat climate change include:

  • Glenrothes Heat district heating project -see website for latest updates
  • Two hydrogen and diesel duel fuel council waste collection vehicles. These are part of the Levenmouth Community Energy Project (LCEP) that aims to see Fife become a global leader in the municipal use of hydrogen powered vehicles.
  • Recycling more – Fife Council is diverting 59% of waste from landfill, and recycling 55%. Last year, Fife Council collected over 100,000 tonnes of recycling – more than any other Scottish local authority.
  • Burntisland Community Energy Masterplan is a ground breaking collaborative project with a local community. The plan shows how appropriate energy efficiency measures and low carbon energy can meet 80% carbon reductions in Burntisland.
  • Climate adaptation improvements. Fife Council has nine flood protection schemes in place and 16 flood studies in progression. New coastal defences protecting against sea surge include the Kirkcaldy sea wall and the Pittenweem breakwater, as well as continuous maintenance inspections of the 178 KM of coastline. For advice on how to protect against flooding  visit


Cllr Ross Vettraino, Convener for the Environment, Protective Services & Community Safety Committee, said: “We’re marking Climate Week here in Fife as there's increasing recognition that taking action can provide wide economic and social benefits, on top of the environmental advantages. For example, new jobs, improved air quality, and positive health outcomes will complement the reduced energy and waste costs, and cuts to carbon emissions.

“Tackling climate change is at the heart creating a growing, sustainable and inclusive economy.  In Fife, we’re playing our part in limiting global temperature rises by working to decarbonise our local economy.

“I’m also urging local people to take action where possible – whether it’s reducing food waste, using your home energy more efficiently, cycling and walking instead of driving, or re-thinking public transport options. Together, we can all make a difference.”


How people in Fife can help combat climate change:

  • Reduce energy used at home and work by improving energy efficiency. Visit the Energy Saving Trust (EST) website for details and grants
  • Install renewable energy generation to reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce waste to landfill and reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Where possible, walk or cycle rather than take the car. Walking can also help people to save money and benefit your health.
  • Drive an electric car and use solar panels to charge it.

Use public transport as much as possible.


Ross J Vettraino OBE, Councillor 
Tel: 07852 330 044 Contact Ross J Vettraino OBE online
By Post: Fife council, Fife House North Street, Glenrothes,KY7 5LT
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