Food waste bags to be sold at ONFife libraries

Archived news: published on Monday 05 Feb 2018 by Fife Council

Fifers will soon be able to pick up food waste bags with their books next time they visit the library.


Resource Efficient Solutions (RES), Fife Councils arms-length company, have teamed up with Fife Cultural Trust (FCT) and from 5 February 2018 food waste bags will be sold at ONFife libraries. The bags will be sold for £1.30 per roll of 25 bags.


Simon Jeynes, Technical Officer for Resource Efficient Solutions, said: “Food waste bags will now be available from ONFife libraries as well as Fife’s Leisure Centres.


“We are continuing to look at the best way to provide food waste bags to households in Fife and will monitor the sale of food waste bags at ONFife libraries and leisure centres to help us decide how best to provide them in the long term.


“We’re also keen to remind Fifers that they can still use free alternatives to the food waste bags, such as composting your food at home, wrapping food waste in newspaper or putting foods such as bread in the brown bin loose. Food is wasted by cooking or preparing too much or not using food in time. Visit for tips on how you can reducing your food waste and save up to £460 a year.”


Details of Fife’s food waste recycling can be found at


Food Waste Bags


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