New Administration for Fife Council

Archived news: published on Friday 18 May 2007 by Fife Council

Councillors Peter Grant and Elizabeth Riches

Councillors Peter Grant and Elizabeth Riches

Councillors Frances Melville and Alf Patey

Councillors Frances Melville and Alf Patey

Fife Council has sworn in a new council of 78 members under the leadership of SNP councillor Peter Grant with Liberal Democrat councillor Elizabeth Riches as his depute.  A new Provost has also been elected. Liberal Democrat councillor Frances Melville will now be carrying out civic duties on behalf of the people of Fife with SNP councillor Alf Patey as Depute Provost.

Cllr Grant said: "I'm greatly honoured to be nominated as Leader of Fife Council.  The people of Fife have voted for a change to the way in which the council does business and we intend to do that.  This is the first joint administration that Fife has had and it is based on common ground between ourselves and the Liberal Democrats.  This new administration will bring about decision-making that is carried out on a more local basis and involve communities more closely.  I also want to see decisions being taken more speedily.

"I am very confident that this new administration will bring about changes that will make a real difference to people.  There is much work to be done.  It starts immediately as there are decisions that cannot wait but have to be taken now."

Peter Grant was proposed as Leader by Liberal Democrat councillor Tony Martin, seconded by SNP councillor Fiona Grant.  Elizabeth Riches was proposed as Depute Leader by SNP councillor Douglas Chapman, seconded by Liberal Democrat councillor Joe Rosiejak.

Cllr Elizabeth Riches said: "I am delighted to be appointed Depute Leader and humbled to be put in this position of trust.  We will always endeavour to do what is right for the people of Fife.  We are also very committed to making decisions on a more local basis, empowering local people to have influence and the opportunity to take part in decisions.

"Over the coming weeks and months we'll be establishing new committees to take forward our proposals. We look forward to the healthy and constructive debates that will take place around how we should go forward.  Whatever that brings we're committed to delivering the right kind of results so people can feel confident and optimistic about what the future holds for everyone in Fife."

It was agreed the former strategic committees be replaced with 6 new committees as follows: Policy, Finance and Asset Management; Education and Children's Services; Social Work and Health; Environment and Transportation; Housing and Communities; and Police, Fire and Safety.  A Fife-wide Planning Committee consisting of 15 councillors will also be established and a single Licensing and Regulation Committee.  The Standards and Audit Committee will be retained.

The previous three local area committees have also been replaced by 7 area committees based on smaller, ward boundary areas.  These will have responsibility for over-seeing the delivery of a range of services which impact directly on people at a local level, including street lighting, warden services and some planning matters.

In order to improve the speed of decision-making strategic committees will meet on a 6-weekly cycle and area committees on a 4-weekly cycle.  The Chief Executive will draw up the final remit of each committee and bring the proposals back to Council on 16 August.  All parties are being encouraged to make their views on each committees' remit known to the Chief Executive.

Council Leader Peter Grant concluded: "I am pleased to have this opportunity to take Fife Council forward in a new direction and to work together with everyone to bring about a better Fife where people feel safe in their communities, able to access services and proud of where they live and all Fife has to offer."

Peter Grant, Councillor 
Tel: 07872 423 820 Contact Peter Grant online
By Post: Fife council, Fife House North Street, Glenrothes,KY7 5LT

Elizabeth Riches, Councillor 
Tel: 01333 312989 Contact Elizabeth Riches online
By Post: Fife council, Fife House North Street, Glenrothes,KY7 5LT
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