Kirkcaldy High School Prizewinners 2016

Archived news: published on Friday 22 Jul 2016 by Fife Council

Kirkcaldy High School Annual Prizegiving was held on 14 June, with the awards presented by Harry Ritchie, former pupil and now a renowned author and literary critic based in London. Very well done to all our winners.

Effective Contributors

Finalists in the Scottish Education Awards (STEM) - Lauren Ferriday; Rotary Club of Kirkcaldy Leadership Award - William Rae and Louise Wallace;  Alison Stewart Hair Award for Hospitality - Abbie Sparling; The Pauline Forrester Award for Creative Cakes - Cameron Taylor; Contribution to the Class of 2016 Awarded by Head Boy and Girl - Usamah Majeed;  Sheena Archibald 'Respect' Quaich - John Clark; Adam Smith House Award - Megan Craig; Beveridge House Award - Usamah Majeed;  Carlyle House Award - Dillon Watson; Oswald House Award - Talia Toruntay; Dunnikier Park Golf Club Award for Positive Attitude and Commitment to PE - Fraser Binnie and Natasha Moffat; Award for Leadership in Sport and the Alistair McKillop Trophy - Natasha Moffat and Jack Murray; U18 Girls Fife Football League Champions - Nicole Carter, Caitlin Gray, Morgan Lee, Rebecca McGowan, Megan Steedman,  Tiegan Clark, Jordan Greig, Georgia McAndrew and Lauren Smith;The Bob Docherty Cup for Inter-School Football - Josh Binnington, Niall Cherrett, Owen Dickson, Liam Hannah, Reece Watson, Gregor Brown, Cameron Clarke, Ross Glancy and Ross Higgins; Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Champion 2016 - Calum Hughes; Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Plate Champion 2016 - Dylan Cassidy; Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Stroke Play Winner 2016 - Callum Ritchie; Gregor Smith Memorial Prize for Outstanding Commitment to Table Tennis 2016 - Megan Jones.

Confident Individuals

Val McDermid Bursary - Rachel Deas; Disability Sport Fife Award for Service to School Sport - Tiegan Clark and Lauren Kerr; Jane Macgregor Prize for Contribution to School Ethos - Megan Greer, Grace Pierce and Louise Newberry; Skills Development Award - Mackenzie Girdwood; East of Scotland Final of the Crown Office Public Speaking Competition Winners - Umar Mohammed and Kyle Pitcaithly; Fife Educational Trust Award for Resilience - Tiegan Clark; Health and Wellbeing Award - Megan Jones; Developing Young Workforce Award - Liam Sinclair; Cadet of the Year - Craig Boyd.

Responsible Citizens

Community Learning and Development Citizenship Award - Shauni Boyd; Police Scotland Award for Service to the School Community - Erin Sandilands and Hannah Thomson; The Nelson Mandela Award for Building International Relations - Megan Craig and Megan Jones; The KHSA Prize for Charity Work -Liam Lindsay and Grant Napier; Abbotsford Care Award for Services to the Community - Chelsea Connolly and Heather Hall.

Successful Learners

John Smart & Son (Kirkcaldy) Ltd General Excellence: S1 - Sumayyah Abdur-Rehman, Cameron Batchelor, Maryam Imran, Adam Johnston, Emma Johnston, Katie Laverton, Jonathan McIntyre, Samantha Scott, Sam Stewart and Murray Wallace; Disability Sport Fife General Excellence: S2 - Chloe Geddes, John Hamilton, Taylor Holland, Dylan Jobson, Megan Jobson, Dylan Leitch, Max Seath, Caitlin Tindal, Cara Turner and Dominika Valente; Junior Maths Challenge Gold and Best in School - Calum Jackson; Junior Maths Challenge Bronze and Best in Year - Cameron Batchelor; Junior Maths Challenge Silver - John Hamilton, Owen Smith, Megan Jobson and Caitlin Tindal; Junior Maths Challenge Bronze - Chloe Dargie, Claire Love, Ellie Nicol, Dominika Valente, Dylan Jobson, Korben Montgomery and Lucy Stevenson; Go4Set: National Champions, CREST Silver Awards and Bronze Level Industrial Cadet Accreditation - John Hamilton, Megan Jobson, Rachel Suttie, Dylan Jobson and Chloe Paton. House Trophies: Merit - Beveridge; Academic - Oswald; Interhouse Event - Carlyle; Inter-house Sports - Adam Smith. The James McEwan Awards for Outstanding Achievement in History - Jay Elder and Kirstie Gray; Melissa Birrell: The Award for Passion and Commitment to Social Subjects - Jay Elder; Dr McKillop Prize for Achievement in Classics - Caitlin Simpson; Royal Bank of Scotland plc General Excellence: S3 - Mhoren Batchelor, Stephanie Blyth, Sorcha Cross, Alannah Ferguson, Isaac Green, Kiara Montgomery, Melanie Newberry, Michael Panarella, Megan Penman and Amy Shepherd; PayWizard Group PLC General Excellence: S4 - Kyle Dick, Jay Elder, Emma Fenton, Kirstie Gray, Jade Hood, Bryn Jones, Rebecca Meekison, Taylor Millar, Christy Ritchie and Sean Saunders; Intermediate Maths Challenge Gold and Best in Year -Michael Panarella; Intermediate Maths Challenge Silver and Best in Year - Lewis Bennett; Intermediate Maths Challenge Bronze -Matthew Cargill, Leah Cooper, Jay Elder, Mia Kelman, Rebecca Meekison, Saif Saleem, Kiara Montgomery, George Pitcaithly, Lee Robertson and Aeryn Scotcher; Bosch Rexroth Award for the Young Engineer of the Year - David Moir and Christy Ritchie; Senior Maths Challenge Bronze and Best in School - Erin Sandilands; Senior Maths Challenge Bronze and Best in Year - David Smith; Senior Maths Challenge Bronze - Fahid Mohammed and Euan Sandilands; Mathematician of the Year: The Bod's Trophy - Cameron Lafferty; The Robertson Memorial Award for Physics - Cameron Lafferty; The Waterstones Award for English Essays - Niamh Parr; The Jonathan Clark/Dunne Memorial Prize for Technology - Megan Craig; Bosch Rexroth Award for the Engineer of the Year - David Smith; Anne Middleton Memorial Award for Business Education - Gary Fleming; The Lesley Mellon Award of Love of Art - Chelsea Doherty; The Tanya Turnbull Award for the Love of Drama - Megan Smith; The Galloway Award for Drive and Enthusiasm in Music - Nathan Walters; World Burns Federation: The National Secondary Schools Festival First Place in S5/6 and Best Singer Scotland - Louise Wallace; Arkwright Scholarship for Engineering - Emily Cunningham.

S5/6 - Higher

Alison Stewart Hair, Health and Food Technology— Chelseanne Bell; Dr Guthrie, Human Biology 1st= - Leah Bidgood; Abbotsford Care, Care - Shauni Boyd; Cupcakes by Melissa, Modern Studies - Shauni Boyd; Waterstones, Art 1st= - Andrew Campbell; PayWizard Group PLC, French - Ashley Davidson; Dr McKillop, Classical Studies - Megan Davidson; Highland House, Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies - Megan Davidson; Waterstones, Art 1st= - Lachlan Duncan; PayWizard Group PLC, Administration - Kendra Gatherum; Colin Moyes Award, Graphic Communication -  Megan Greer; John Smart & Son (Kirkcaldy) Ltd, Design and Manufacture - Tanya Grieve; Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, Chemistry 1st= - Rebecca Hay; Dr McKillop, Latin - Rebecca Hay; PayWizard Group PLC, Business Management - Casey Johnston; Fife Auto Centre and Easityre Award, Engineering Science - Fahid Mohammad; Waterstones, History - Louise Newberry; Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, Chemisty 1st= - Chloe Newton; Waterstones, English - Chloe Newton; Charlie Reid Travel, Geography - Chloe Newton; Dr Guthrie, Human Biology 1st= - Chloe Newton; Waterstones, Drama 1st= - Alisha O'Callaghan and Kimberley O'Callaghan; Disability Sport Fife, PE - Ewan Rae; Bill Ritchie Award, Physics -David Smith; Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, Mathematics - David Smith; Alison Stewart  Hair, Hospitality - Abbie Sparling; John Smart &Son (Kirkcaldy) Ltd, Spanish - Rachael Swinley; PayWizard Group PLC, Computing - Rhoan Urquhart; Binnie Prize, Music - Nathan Walters; Waterstones, Photography - Phoebe Whiteman.

S6 - Advanced


John Smart & Son (Kirkcaldy) Ltd, Classical Studies - Rhiannon Cross; Cupcakes by Melissa, Modern Studies - Rachael Deas; Allan Wilson (Snack Sales) Ltd, Chemistry - Lauren Ferriday; Waterstones, English - Lauren Ferriday; Binnie Prize, Music - Christopher Mack; Disability Sport Fife, Drama - Charlotte- Louise Macmillan; Fife Auto Centre and Easityre Awards , Engineering Science - Kyle Martin; Bill Ritchie Award, Physics - Kyle Martin; Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, Mathematics - Zak Morris; Waterstones, Art - Sophie Murray; Dr McKillop, Latin - Shannon Reekie; Dr Guthrie, Biology - Emma Robinson; Charlie Reid Travel, Geography - Phoebe Whiteman; Scottish Baccalaureate - Lauren Ferriday; SQA Leadership Award - Olivia Zengota.

Dux Runner Up

Lorna Mowbray Trophy - Sophie Murray.

Dux of School

Dr Guthrie Award - Lauren Ferriday.


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