Noise and Health workshop at Kirkcaldy West PS

Tom Weanie with Kirkcaldy West class

Tom Weanie with Kirkcaldy West class

As a pre-runner to Fife’s Noise Action week (19-23 May 2014) Noise and Health workshops were carried out in Fife primary schools within target areas known to have an increased level of community noise issues. Kirkcaldy West primary took part in 6 workshops on 2nd May 2014.

The main aim of this workshop is to raise awareness of how we create sounds and the definition of noise. We discuss how the ear works and how our health can be affected by noise. Pupils are made more aware of the noise that they and other people make and how this can affect our health.

These workshops have been organised by the Consumer Education Team in Protective Services.  Tom Weanie, Environmental Health Officer with the team stated, “This workshop is one of a set of free workshops on Environmental Health issues available to primary schools throughout Fife on subjects such as noise, food safety and labelling, pollution and other eco subjects. These workshops are very popular with schools and are linked to the National Curriculum for Excellence.”

Noise Action Week aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by neighbourhood noise and the solutions available to tackle it. Fife Council organises this campaign in Fife with a multi partnership approach and representatives on the group include Police Scotland, Mediation Services and Fife Council's Noise, Housing and Consumer Education Officers. 

Photograph shows Tom Weanie with a Kirkcaldy West PS class.

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