Grants Available to Improve Private Water Supplies in Fife

Fife Council is offering grants up to £800 to improve the quality of drinking water to Fifers who get their main drinking water supply from a well, spring, borehole or burn.

There are over 300 private water supplies in Fife serving around 1300 properties and 4500 individuals.  Each property served by one of these supplies can apply for a grant to improve and protect their water from chemical and microbiological contamination. Since 2006 approximately £126000 has been paid out from a total of 65 grant applications. This means there are many more people in Fife who may still be eligible to receive grant aid.

Drinking water supplied from the public mains is regularly tested to make sure that it is safe and clean however it is not possible to test private supplies in the same manner.  Fife Council is offering to help Private Water Supply owners/ users find out what problems they may have with their private water supply and to help with possible improvements.

In the light of recent well publicised outbreaks of E.coli O157, extra vigilance of water supplies is essential. As well as diarrhoea, infection in the most vulnerable groups can lead to serious symptoms, such as kidney failure, and even death.
Those most at risk are the young (under 10 years), those over 60 years old, or those who have problems with their immune systems.

The presence of some chemicals in drinking water may lead to an increased risk of poisoning or developing cancer if the water is consumed over a long period of time.  Other chemicals may make the water look or taste unpleasant, while some can cause clothes to be badly stained when they are washed.

Currently improvement grants are available to nearly all properties served by a private water supply. Applications can be made by owner occupiers, landlords, tenants and other relevant persons. Financial assistance of up to £800 per property is available without means testing.  For further information, contact Ellen Carnegie at Fife Council Environmental Services on 08451 555 555 ext 450452 or e-mail

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