Funding approved for re-location of Town Art

Archived news: published on Friday 10 Dec 2010 by Fife Council

Giant Mushroom being moved to Riverside Park Arboretum

Giant Mushroom being moved to Riverside Park Arboretum

FIFE COUNCIL’s Glenrothes Area Committee approved funding, on Wednesday 8 December, of £15,000 to support the relocation of six pieces of Town Art.


Glenrothes has over 144 pieces of Town Art situated throughout its precincts. A number of these have deteriorated over the years because of age and vandalism, and are now in a state of disrepair.


Six pieces will be repaired and re-sited to more prominent positions within the town’s precincts, with local school children involved in repainting some of the sculptures. The structures for re-siting are:-


• Giant Hands which is currently located in Collydean but will be moved to the west entrance of Glenrothes near Leslie Road.
• Picture Frame on Bighty Road, Woodside and Giant Mushroom near Cluny Place, Pitteuchar will both move to the Riverside Park Arboretum.
• Elephants on Colonsay Park, Pitcoudie will relocate to the newly planted Pitcoudie roundabout.
• Dinosaur on Waverly Drive, Caskieberran will take the more prominent position on Caskieberran Roundabout with Horse & Chariot shifting to the roundabout next to Fife House or the raised grass area southwest of Tanshall roundabout.


Councillor Fiona Grant, Glenrothes Area Committee Chair, has welcomed the funding and proposed upgrade to the Town Art: “These measures will prolong the lifespan of these sculptures and help safeguard some of the town’s heritage. A great deal of thought has gone into where the sculptures should be re-sited with regard to complementing existing art in the area or simply moving into positions where more people can enjoy them. The aim is for the art to be both visually pleasing and to get people talking about them”.


The project fits well with the plans to regenerate Glenrothes town centre and recreate its heart. The action plan recommends a 20-year vision and development framework as well as a short-term action plan for the town centre. Fife Council produced the plan following the ‘Picture Glenrothes’ consultation. The long term vision for the heart of Glenrothes includes:-


• Planning for the areas adjacent to the town centre
• Making Glenrothes an attractive place to shop, work and spend leisure time
• Creating a new civic centre and business district
• Promoting investment in the Kingdom Centre
• Developing the evening economy
• Reducing the impact of cars by increasing sustainable travel
• Improving linkages within the town centre and with the rest of the town including boulevards, walking and cycling networks
• Aiming for excellence in architecture and design

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