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The Ecology Centre , Kinghorn Loch Kinghorn KY3 9YG

The Ecology Centre

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Situated in the gentle rolling hills overlooking Kinghorn Loch, The Ecology Centre is a community based organisation that was formally established as a non-profit making charity in August 1998.


The Ecology Centre offers direct experience of the natural environment to improve people’s quality of life and encourage responsible citizenship.  Today the Centre is a haven for natural wildlife and has welcomed over 5,500 education visitors during 2005. 


Environmental Education:  Education is offered on several different levels.  Our main target groups are primary schools, community organisations, individuals, disadvantaged groups and the over 50’s but no one is excluded.  Our classes for schools tend to concentrate on learning through fun activities.  The emphasis here is to inspire rather than educate.  Those children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems, or those who are just less academic tend to benefit greatly from this approach to education.  Our reasonable prices can be acquired by contacting the Centre. 


Our Community Workshop programme has grown in popularity over the years and we try to offer a wide range of experience for the general public (see our website for further details). 


Membership to The Ecology Centre is open to all.  Supporters will receive a newsletter, discounted merchandise, details of our workshops, events, etc. and entitlement to concessionary rates.  Subscriptions run to February 2007.  Costs available by calling the office or from our website on

Volunteers at CEC
Various volunteering opportunities also exist at The Ecology Centre.  We are currently looking for individuals to help with duties ranging from administration, gardening tasks to joinery or electrical work.  Anyone with a particular specialist skill or just an interest in the Centre can get involved.  We welcome individuals of all abilities to help support the work we do.  If you are interested in making a difference, please call us on (01592) 891567.
From the viewpoint at Craigencalt Ecology Centre

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By Kinghorn Loch, Kinghorn KY3 9YG

Date: The site is open at all times and costs nothing to wander around.

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