Milesmark & Baldridge Community Council


The first meeting of Milesmark and Baldridge Community Council was held in June 2009 and through time it has developed and evolved.  

A map showing the Community Council boundary, which effectively covers the area west of Pilmuir Street and north of Pittencrieff Street, can be found within our Publications Page on this website.

Representing over 6,000 people, we are one of the largest Community Councils within the City of Dunfermline. With planned expansion of housing to the north and north west of Dunfermline, the Community Council is eager to involve the community in these major developments, and shape Fife Councils views. The Community Police are now also in attendance at our meetings detailing issues in our community and any discuss any help we can give them. 

The Community Council consists of elected community council members (appointed Nov 2015) and Councillors elected to Fife Council, representing wards in our Community Council Area. 


The main purpose of the Community Council is to ascertain and convey to Fife Council and other public authorities the views of the local community. The Community Council will also seek to promote community participation and a sense of community spirit.


Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of August / November / February and May, commencing at 7.30pm in the Baldridgeburn Institute and members of the public are welcome to attend, and will be given the opportunity to contribute


We will be delighted to see you there

Ian Baxter









View to the West from Baldridge

Meeting Place

Baldridgeburn Community Centre, Dunfermline (See our Noticeboard at the bottom of East Baldridge Drive for other information.)

Date: The last Tuesday of August / November / February / May (AGM) at 7pm

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