East Fife and Scooniehill Riding for the Disabled SCIO

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Drumcarrow Craig , Town Not Specified KY16 8PA


Scooniehill RDA provides disabled people in North East Fife with the opportunity to ride to improve their health and wellbeing. Hands-on volunteers work enthusiastically to help our riders by walking and running alongside them during rides and lessons. Don’t worry if you know nothing about horses! We need lots of people to walk beside the riders, as well as one person to lead each pony or horse. Most volunteers agree to help regularly each week with one of our groups. The group sessions last for one hour. You will be asked to be present ten minutes before the session begins. All our helpers are given training as soon as possible after joining the group. You will only be asked to do as much as you feel confident to do, and the qualified instructors who lead each session will always help you if you are not sure.

Meeting Place

Please call 0845 450 6801 to arrange to meet with us to discuss volunteering.

Date: Rides take place weekly during school terms.

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