Rimbleton Primary School is fortunate to have provision for 2 year olds and nursery age children in our early years and childcare area within the school.

We value the relationships we build with our parents and we recognise that you are the children's main educators in their earliest years. With that in night we think that it is important that you continue to play a role in your child's learning when they enter our nursery.

Our nursery staff value the regular contact they have with parents and carers at drop off/collection times . We appreciate that for some families this daily contact is not possible and we try to keep you informed of nursery events and activities through our noticeboard, newsletters and this website.

We want to keep you informed of your child's achievements throughout the session and we gather evidence in a PLJ - Personal Learning Journal. This portfolio is available for you to look at, add to whenever you wish. Please let staff know if you would like to take this home to share at any time. The information within this is important to us. Please make sure that you do return this if you have taken it home. at, and add to, your child’s PLP whenever you wish. Just let staff know if you want to take it home to share at any time.

There will also be opportunities for you to have consultation time with child's key worker. If you have any concerns you can, of course, request a meeting at any time to discuss your child's progress.  Just speak to one of our team.

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