Our nursery team consist of the following staff:

  • Miss Kate Whiteley -  Head Teacher
  • Mrs Gillian Cormack- Principal Teacher with Early Years remit
  • Mrs Susan Curran - Peripatetic Nursery Teacher (with us every third week)
  • Mrs Gill Hislop - Early Years Officer
  • Miss Andrea Mansfield - Early Years Officer
  • Mrs Miriam Kerr - Early Years Officer 
  • Mrs Kathleen Duncan - Early Years Officer 
  • Mrs Lorna Hooper - Early Years Officer 
  • Mrs Debbie Hunter - Apprentice Early Years Officer
  • Mrs Pamela Anderson - Early Years Development Officer will make occasional visits to the nursery
  • Mrs Anne Thynne - Early Years Principal Teacher who will also make occasional visits to the nursery


We are also very lucky to have a number of students in nursery throughout the year.

From September to February 2018:

  • Miss Sian Moller (Thurs & Fridays)

From February to June 2018:

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