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Headteacher - Mrs Carol Newton

Acting Depute Headteacher- Mrs Lyndsay Strang

Acting Depute Headteacher - Miss Laura Walker

Support for Learning Teacher - Miss Margaret O'Connell

Primary 1a Teachers - Miss Gillian Kingsley

Primary 1b Teacher - Mrs Inga Smart & Mrs Natalie Rooney

P1/2 Teachers - Miss Kirsten McDermott

P2 Teacher - Miss Claire Dalzell

P2/3 Teacher - Miss Helen McKeever

P3b Teacher -  Mrs Barbara Kilpatrick 

P3/4 Teacher - Mrs Caroline Pearson & Mrs Alison Wilson

P4 Teacher - Mrs Lisa Kember

P4/5 Teacher -   Mrs Joanne Green

P5 Teacher - Miss Nicola Day

P5/6 Teachers - Miss Hazel Close

P6 Teacher - Mr David Richardson

P6/7 Teacher - Miss Anna Stevenson

P7a Teacher - Mrs Fiona Luckaszewicz

NCCT - Mrs Nikki Godden, Mrs Allana Chalmers & Miss Laura Donaldson

NCCT Art Teacher - Mrs Jennifer Bryce


Support Staff

Mrs Margaret-Mary Dunne

Mrs Gillian Greenhill

Mrs Tricia Robertson

Mrs Yvonne Kilpatrick

Mrs Kerry Carruthers

Miss Joanna Waring

Mrs Angela Neilson


Early Years Officers

Mrs Tracey McClean

Mrs Karen Bowler

Mrs Jackie Connelly

Miss Jenny Steele

Mrs Fiona Doohan

Miss Kaitlyn Jack

Miss Niamh Hepburn

Miss Nicole Arnold


Office Staff

Mrs Elisabeth Hirst  - Admin Assistant

Mrs Susan Woods - Clerical Assistant


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Francis Lemm



Ms Susan Jarron


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