Religious and Moral Education







RMPS staff at DHS

      Staff Member           Subject Taught      Room Number
K McLean (Principal Teacher) RMPS B205
R Richard RMPS B206

What do we study?

To study religion in the world today is to learn about people.  Most of us show an interest in people.  We read about them, talk to them and observe them in our daily lives.

Some knowledge of different religions is useful for understanding the world we live in.  Religious groups, religious leaders and religious issues frequently make the news.  A little knowledge about religion is useful in helping us to understand some of the things that happen in the world.

Finding out about the beliefs of other people make us think about what we believe.  This helps us to develop our own ideas.  Learning to listen to the views of others is an important part of getting older, as is learning to express our own beliefs.



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