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Congratulations to the Eco Schools Committee and all the pupils involved across the curriculum who have helped us achieve our 4th Green Flag Award.    We were delighted to receive very positive feedback from Eco Schools Scotland on 9 December 2016 and that we were successful in our application to renew our Green Flag accreditation.   Eco Schools Scotland were impressed by our Committe's enthusiasm and drive.  Their keen awareness of global issues and the way in which they raised awareness across the whole school, motivating others to take positve action in school, in the local community and by addressing pressing global issues.     Well done to all and our new flag is now displayed at the front entrance to the school. 

We are continuing on our Green Flag journey, and more Eco topics and projects are already underway.

Last session the Eco committee addressed the issue of “War on Waste” following a recent TV documentary about coffee cups which cannot be recycled and millions are being thrown away or ending up in landfill sites across the whole of the UK.   Local and global issues were also investigated including pollution of our lochs, rivers, seas and oceans - contaminated by plastics which cannot disintegrate and are harmful to wildlife, sea creatures, environment and atmosphere.

The Eco Committee took part in the Young Citizens Event run by Eco Schools Scotland and Ideas for Global Citizenship in June 2017.   Pupils from 10 other scottish schools took part in workshops to discuss and prepare presentations on Health & Well Being; Equality & Diversity and Participation.  All the presentations were informative and highlighted a number of issues facing young people.  They identified inequality relating to race, gender and poverty.  They wanted to have a voice and participate in the election process for the UK and Europe.  They were keen that more support was available for yound peoples' mental and emotional health issues.

As we start a new session our focus for the Eco Committee will be the 17 Global Goals for Sustainability, working through each of the topics during discussion, debate and awareness of issues which will inform the whole school and local community.

We still continue to collect Rag Bags for charity.  If you have any unwanted items such as clothes, books, dvds, cds etc. Please ask at reception for a Rag Bag to fill.    Bring it back into school and leave it with the janitors.   Eco Schools group get a small monetary contribution for all the bags we collect.  All proceeds then go towards Eco projects in school including our garden project.

All pupils are welcome to come along to the Eco Committee on a Tuesday Lunchtime from 1.30-2.00pm in Room B216.


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