Welcome to our nursery. 

The nursery class is attached to St. Ninian’s primary school, which is situated on the edge of the village of Bowhill in Cardenden. The accommodation consists of a classroom with access to a large well laid out garden, which is completely enclosed. The nursery also has access to a P.E. hall and the use of shared infant toilets along the corridor. There is also a parent’s room to the side of the nursery. This enables us to have a private area as well as a quiet group area. The nursery has a capacity of 20/20, with most starting in August and further intakes in January and April when children reach the age of three. The team will consist of a Head teacher, nursery teacher (0.5) and two early years officers for session 2015/16. There are strong links with the local community. We have a strong relationship with the farm and a local landowner allows us access to a wooded area. Small groups of children visit the local shops, café and library on a weekly basis. Strong links are also maintained with our professional partners from the local health centre, psychological services speech and language and active schools to name but a few.

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