East Wemyss Primary School was opened in 1906 as a primary and secondary school. It is now a primary school with a nursery incorporated and is a focal point in the village as well as being a listed building.

It is built on three levels: basement, ground and first floor. The ground and first floor are built around a large central hall. There is an Environmental Centre in the basement, run by the 'Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.'

East Wemyss Primary School is fortunate to have fantastic outdoor learning environments such as the beach, woodland areas and the caves on its door step which the children visit regularly throughout the school year. Our school grounds consist of an upper and lower playground and garden. Pupils have been involved in transforming outdoor areas, such as painting the school shelters, and will continue to develop outdoor learning areas with seating and plants to attract wildlife for observation.

The school houses a nursery, 6 classes, a main hall (which is used as the gym hall), a music room, support for learning base, dining room and a networked computer suite. The children also have access to 30 wireless netbooks which can be used anywhere within the school building. A controlled security system is in operation on main entry doors. The school has wheelchair access at all access points.  

The aim of our school is to create a welcoming and stimulating environment in which we will support and challenge our pupils to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to enjoy a happy and constructive school life and, further more, take their place and play their part in society in their adult life.

The school is well supported by the Parent Council who meet on a regularly basis. The Parent Council are heavily involved in the organisation and running of our annual Spring Fair.

Throughout the year our children take part in local festivals as well as going on a variety of educational visits. Our Primary 7 pupils also spend a week at Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre each year. We occasionally hold events in the evening such as school shows, open evenings and discos.

Our school operates a number of after school clubs, including football, Musical Madness, Bikeability and a science club. The school building is also used to hold clubs run by members of the local community.  Throughout the year the staff and children open the doors to parents through open days, focus weeks and soft starts. Our parents feel that our open door policy is most beneficial and creates an inviting atmosphere in the school.

Recent Updates

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