SQA Papers

Online Past Papers

You can access pass papers for each subject below. They are free to download along with mark schemes and supporting documents.

English Maths Art and Design Home Economics/Hospitality
Drama Music Business Studies Computing
Languages Geography History Modern Studies
RMPS Biology Chemistry Physics
DET PE    


Other Places to Access Past Papers

Bright Red Publishing is the new publisher of Official SQA Past Papers.

These can be purchased in the following ways:

By telephone:  0131 220 5804

By email:         sales@brightredpublishing.co.uk

By fax:             0131 220 6710

By post:           Book Orders

                        Bright Red Publishing Ltd

                        6 Stafford Street        


                        EH3 7AU

Online at:        www.brightredpublishing.co.uk

All Official Past Papers and Bright Red Revision and Results titles will also be available from

Waterstone's, Borders, Blackwells, WH Smith, and will be available to purchase or order from all good independent bookshops.

Complete with fully approved answer sections, the Past Paper range covers over 70 subjects across all levels, and will provide students with the best possible practice for their exams.  The books are priced at £7.99.    


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