The staff includes:

Headteacher -Mrs S Gorman
Principal Teacher - Mrs W Horn

Teacher (Job Share) - Mrs D Robinson & Mrs L Castle-Smith  

Lead Officer- Miss N Steele

Early Years Officers -    Mrs J Finlay 

                                      Miss K Quinn 

                                      Mrs A Buchan

                                      Miss L Cunningham

                                      Mrs M McLelland

                                      Miss B Winton

Primary 1 - Mrs W Horn & Miss W Turner
Primary 2 - Miss D Gorman
Primary 3 - Miss L Graham
Primary 4/5 - Mr P McAllister
Primary 5/6 - Mrs S Elder
 Primary 6/7 - Mrs R Devlin
Learning Support - Mrs F Walls
 NCCT (Digital Literacy & Music) -  Mrs A Campbell
Admin Assistant - Miss D Campbell
 Clerical Assistant -Mrs J McHale (Monday am)
Classroom Assistant - Mrs T Thomson
Pupil Support Assistants - Ms A Mitchell &  Mrs M Young
Cook - Mrs H Howie
Catering Assistant - Mrs C Shields & Mrs R Anderson
 Caretaker/Cleaner - Mr T Staniszewski
Cleaners - Mrs R Dochery


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