Cardenden Primary SchoolCardenden is a large village in Fife.  Our school was newly built and opened in August 2010 following the unexpected closure of our original school building in October 2008 due to structural concerns.

The school has 8 classrooms, an ICT Suite, an assembly hall and a gym hall.  The school is surrounded by extensive school grounds.  We have a number of green features within our new school.  There is a rainwater harvesting system, many energy efficient systems and cycle storage to encourage pupils and staff to cycle to school.

We have developed the use of our playground by installing an Activity Trail and tyre stepping stones. We have installed some colourful benches for children to gather and chat. Our grassed areas has been developed and drainage installed so that they can be used for running and ball games.

Cardenden Primary has a nursery with up to 40 children each morning and 40 children each afternoon and we offer flexible hours.

The school staff have high expectations of the pupils and work hard to provide an appropriate and stimulating education for all children.  Our main aim is to challenge and encourage all our children to achieve their best and reach their full potential. Our values are discussed at assemblies and are integral to all our work-Caring, Ambitious and Respectful.  We remember our values as putting the CAR into Cardenden! In session (2013-14) all children made a CAR to be displayed in the main hall and on the car children have written how they will live those values in school.

In Session 2014-15 we continued to teach the values, live the values and celebrate the values. As a school we designed a new school badge and further promoted our identity within the community of Cardenden. All partners of the school contributed to a display of how they are enbling Cardenden Primary to improve.

Our school motto is We Do Our Best.

Parents play a crucial role in the life of the school.  Parents are welcomed at every opportunity to discuss issues relating to their child. We encourage parents to use their skills and talents to volunteer in school. Parents assist with classroom activities, outdoor learning and eco work. We have an active Parent Council who contribute to the school.Our chairperson is Emma McIntyre.Vice Chair is Sharon Simms and treasurer is Sam Drysdale.

We have a number of Before/After School Clubs which run throughout the year. See separate page for details.


Recent Updates

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