Strathallan Primary SchoolStrathallan Primary School opened on Tuesday 9th January 2007. The school lies within a housing estate in the west of Kirkcaldy and is bordered by the beautiful Raith Estate containing woods and grass areas. The school is part of the Balwearie Cluster. The school can accommodate 14 classes from Primary 1 - Primary 7. We have a significant number of placing requests as a result of parents visiting the school, commenting very favourably on our ethos and learning and teaching provision.

The nursery offers flexible hours throughout the week with a teaching allocation of 1.0 based on the nursery census. Our last Care Inspectorate report was extremely positive. Children are encouraged to experience all areas of the curriculum. The nursery is implementing the outcomes relating to the Curriculum for Excellence. We believe the nursery to be an  integral part of the school.

The management team currently consists of  Mrs Logan, Headteacher,  Mrs. Tall, Depute Head  and  Mrs Smart, Depute Head.

We have tremendous support from our parents; feedback at all events and iniatives have been very positive and encouraging. Our Parent Council and Fundraining Group is extremely important to us with regards to the work of the school..

Recent Updates

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