Parent Council


Meetings: Mondays 10.09.18; 29.10.18; 21.01.19; 4.03.19; 13.05.19 all held @ Woodside Hotel 7.15pm

The parent council represents and welcomes ALL parents/guardians of children at the school

Welcome to Aberdour Parent Council information site; we are a group made up of parents and teachers, working with the school to offer parents/guardians a voice for their ideas and contribution to the work of the school and a forum to discuss educational issues/concerns.

All parents/guardians are invited to come to meetings, socialise, share ideas (see below) and get involved, in whatever capacity they choose, as little or as often as they want.

A Parent Council (PC) should provide Parents with the following:

  • information about the PC and its activities
  • an invitation to be involved in PC activities, such as subcommittees
  • opportunities to express their opinion on issues relating to the school community

The Constitutional Objectives of Aberdour Parent Council (APC) are:

  • to work in partnership with the school, to create a welcoming environment, which is inclusive for all involved in the school
  • to promote partnership among school staff, its pupils, all its parents and the wider community
  • to develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils
  • to identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school, and other matters affecting the education and welfare of pupils

Chair of PC Mrs Aishling O'Sullivan

Class Representatives

To enable easier communication between parents and the school/PC, the APC has Class Representatives. All parents are encouraged to contact their relevant Class Rep before an upcoming PC meeting, to put forward any issues which they would like to raise.*

Please contact your class rep directly if you have anything to discuss at the next PC meeting.

CLASS REPS 2018- 2019    

NURSERY.   (Names currently being updated)

Room 1. Aishling O'Sullivan (Chair)

Room 2. David Mallon (Vice Chair)

Room 3. Paula Van Hemert (treasurer)

Room 4. Janine Muldoon (secretary)

Room 5.

Room 6.  Donna Cole (secretary)

Room 7.  Jenni Milroy


Kate Whiteley (Head Teacher)

Gillian Cormack (Principal Teacher)

Councillor David Dempsey and Councillor David Barratt

Class teachers attend meetings on a rotational basis.

*Please note that matters concerning an individual child, or specific children, cannot be raised at a PC meeting, and should be discussed privately with the Head Teacher or Class Teacher.

Staff Representatives are Kate Whiteley (HT) who attends meetings in an advisory capacity, Gillian Cormack (Principal Teacher) and other teachers attend on a rotational basis.

Please see the Parent Council and Parent Association noticeboard on Hawkcraig Road, near the school entrance.

 The council usually meets approximately every  6-8 weeks in The Woodside Hotel, Aberdour.

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