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In Dunfermline High School we believe in ourselves and in each other.  Confidence is therefore one of our core values. Here are some examples how our pupils have demonstrated this value:

Katie Fleming (4B1 BH02)

Katie is a strong singer and as part of our school Senior Choir and sung at the Fife Festival of Music where she won a platinum award.  She also plays the clarinet and performed at the Fife Festival of Music as part of Dunfermline High School Wind Band where she won a silver award.  Katie is one of our Dunfermline High School representatives in the Fife Youth Concert Band.  She was also one of the lead singers in this year’s school show, Star Factor-Y.

Kirsty is strong hockey player and has represented the school as part of the S2 Girls Hockey Team in over 20 games this year including the S2 Fife Schools Hockey Tournament.  She also plays the flute and has won an award for performing as part of the West Fife Wind Band.  Kirsty represented Dunfermline High School at the Fife Schools Cross-Country and the Fife Schools Regional Athletics event in the 800m, 100m and 4x100m girls relay.  Kirsty is also a talented singer and performed in this year’s school show, Star Factor-Y.


                                           Kirsty Donaldson (2H3 HH13)



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