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Thornton Nursery

At Thornton Nursery we deliver a varied curriculum which is planned to develop the whole child:- language and communication skills, mathematical awareness, scientific enquiry, creativity, physical skills, personal, emotional and social development and understanding of the environment.

We work with children to get to know them well and build positive relationships which help us identify their strengths, interests and development needs. Key Workers report to parents/carers regularly providing opportunities to share children's experiences and progress. We believe strong partnerships help to create a firm foundation for your child's development. Parents and carers are very welcome to spend time with their child in nursery and staff are always happy to discuss any concerns that you may have at any time.

As well as learning through play in our nursery room and garden, children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of learning experiences. These include:

  • Forest Kindergarten/Beach visits – as well as learning about the natural environment, creativity, independence and social skills are developed as children play and plan co-operatively together.
  • The local environment is used to enhance learning and teaching opportunities and develop knowledge of the wider community.
  • Through transition arrangements to primary school, children learn alongside existing Primary 1 pupils. This allows children to be more confident in the school environment, develop friendships and share learning opportunities with their peers.
  • Our ECO teds enjoy going home with the children to take part in an ECO activity. The children then share the learning experience with their friends at nursery raising awareness of the importance of caring for the environment.
  • Child Smile regularly visit the nursery to support the National Toothbrushing program.
  • Children have an awareness of others in need through our charity fund raising events e.g. Children in Need, Shoebox Appeal.
  • Visitors to nursery provide children with expert knowledge and help them learn about the roles of people in society. In the recent past these have included firefighters, librarian, Tae Kwon Do instructor, chicken keeper and our lollipop man.

 Aug 2017

We would like to welcome back our returning children and our new children who have just joined us at nursery. They are all busy making new friends and exploring the nursery environment.


Mrs Fraser, our peripatetic Nursery Teacher will continue with us and will be in the Nursery during the following weeks :

  • w/b 21/8, w/b 18/9, w/b 30/10, w/b 27/11, w/b 8/1, w/b 5/2, w/b 5/3, w/b 16/4, w/b 14/5, w/b 11/6

 Welcome meetings will be held on Tuesday 22nd at 2.30 and Wednesday 23rd at 11 a.m. Please come along and chat with Mrs Fraser about Nursery life and our aims for your children’s learning.


PLJ Chats  will be held on the week commencing :

  •  25/9/17
  • 11/12/17
  • 19/3/18



 PEEP groups will return in Terms 1 and 3 led by Mrs West. The starting date for term 1 is 28th August. Book Bug groups will run in Terms 2 and 4 led by Miss Johnstone. Forest Kindergarten will be the focus of our outdoor learning this term.


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