Primary 7

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 Welcome to Primary 7's page!! This is our final year at Thornton Primary School and we hope to have an amazing year!      

We have Mr Simpson on a Thursday and he also takes us to gym. Miss Davidson is our teacher along as one of our GLEE leaders.

Term 1 - For term 1 our project was robotics

We enjoyed this project and we loved this project so much that we would love to do it again!!! Together we all split up in to teams of four and made working LEGO Mindstorm robots.Four of us made cardboard robots and stuck real nuts, bolts, wires and metal on them. For creative writting we all came up with ideas for robots in the future like ones that tidy your room plus ones that could be teachers.

Term 2- For term 2 our project was 50's,60's and 70's

This project was amazing and loads of fun.Together we created posters  from the 50's and learned all about advertisment we copied the Typhoo tea poster along with Coca-Cola and Pontiac.For the 60's, we  learned all about Mrs Johnstones life growing up in the 60's.For the 70's we learned about the eveloution of music.We listened to the music through the ages aswell.

Term 3- For term 3 our project was famous Scots and the Jacobites.

We liked this term and we also went on a trip to Edinbrugh Museum for the Jacobite tour. When we were at the Museum an employee said we were the best class ever so far. The class researched famous scots like Sean Connery  and  

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