The Safer Communities Team within Fife Council deal with various issues including litter, illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles.

The team have powers to put environmental legislation into effect.  In addition to enforcement, this team offer advice on these issues to members of the public, commercial businesses and schools within Fife.

Fly Tipping

Illegal Dumping (sometimes known as fly-tipping) is the illegal deposit of any waste on to land or a highway that has no licence to accept it.

Fife Council has a responsibility if waste is dumped illegally to          

  • Remove it safely
  • Find and prosecute the people who have dumped it
  • If the waste is hazardous – make it safe until it can be removed

The presence of dumped material encourages others to dump which can be hazardous to health and the environment.

It is a growing problem and costs Fife Council a considerable amount to deal with.

People who dump illegally can be the subject of a fixed penalty  fine of £200 but more serious cases will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal and may incur fines up to £40,000.

If you wish to report illegal dumping please go to the Fly Tipping Form  and complete.

If you wish further information regarding waste management please go to Recycling and Waste  

Abandoned Vehicles

We have powers to deal with vehicles that have been abandoned or burnt out. The law says that any vehicle abandoned on public land, such as streets or open spaces, can be removed within 24 hours if it poses a risk e.g. is dangerous.

If you report a vehicle you suspect has been abandoned, we will investigate to determine what action can be taken.  We will need your contact details and as much information as possible about the vehicle and its location.  The details you provide will remain confidential.                                               

We aim to respond to your requests: within 3 working days.

Abandoned vehicles which are clearly in an unroadworthy, dilapidated condition, will be destroyed shortly after removal. 

If you suspect that a vehicle may have been abandoned, contact us by: 


Fife Council provide and maintain litter bins to prevent the depositing of litter in public places.

Litter in a public place is unsightly, dangerous to animals, and an offence.

The fine for littering is £80.

If you require any further information or wish to report a problem with a litter bin then please use the contact details provided. 

  • Environmental Services - Street Cleaning (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
  • Tel -  03451 55 00 22
  • By Post- Fife House North Street Glenrothes Fife KY7 5LT
  • By email - safercommunities.team@fife.gov.uk


Community Clean Up / Litter Pick


Is there a local area near you that you would like to improve? 

It's really easy to get involved with a local community clean up and make a real difference to your local environment. 


It’s really simple and we can provide advice and support as necessary.  All you need to do is:     


Choose your location. 

It could be

  • an area in the town
  • a local park
  • a beach
  • a pathway or
  • any area that’s become the local eyesore


Get a group of volunteers together.


Contact Safer Communities for an information pack

This will contain the following

  • application form
  • insurance questionnaire
  • safety guide for organisers and participants
  • skip loading guide and
  • Weils disease advice


Complete and send to us the Application Form and the Zurich Municipal Insurance Form.


All of the materials you’ll need can be provided as well as removing the litter collected by your efforts. 

Your group can be provided with:

  • black bags
  • skips (if you require)
  • litter-pickers
  • gloves
  • liability Insurance


Contact us via email by click ing on SaferCommunities.Team@fife.gov.uk

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