Itinerant metal dealers licence

An Itinerant Metal Dealers licence is required by metal dealers who travel from place to place and have no “metal store” or fixed premises carrying on business which consists wholly or partly of buying and selling for scrap old, broken, worn out, defaced or partly manufactured articles made wholly or partly of metal (whether the metal sold is in the form in which it is bought or otherwise).

A licence issued by any one licensing authority will have effect throughout Scotland.

“Metal” means any metal (including precious metal) and any alloy of any metals, whether old or new.

A dealer who combines the trade of “itinerant metal dealer”, “metal dealer” and/or “second hand dealer” will require a licence for each activity that they carry out.

Further details on the legislation governing this type of licence can be found by clicking on the Useful Links below - Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

For more information on

  • how to submit an application
  • the documentation and fee required
  • the application process
  • the time it takes to process your application
  • the standard conditions attached to an Itinerant Metal Dealer’s licence

Please refer to the “application pack” publication below.



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