Check your financial wellbeing

Check your financial wellbeing

Neyber is offering an employee benefit that helps you check your financial wellbeing.


Working in partnership with Neyber, you can gain the knowledge to improve your financial life so you can do more of what you love.

Here’s a little taster of how Neyber could benefit you

  • Clarity on your cash – A Financial Health score gives you a clear view of where you currently stand and highlights where and how you can improve
  • Guidance on the go  - Set your financial goals on Neyber’s Financial Wellbeing Hub, and you’ll receive resources and tools most relevant to help you achieve them
  • Fairer finance options when it comes to borrowing money, which could save you money on repayments, or help you plan your next holiday or home improvement
  • On average, Neyber are saving employees over £100 per month when consolidating their debts, that’s a yearly saving of over £1,200*  Based on Neyber customers, July 2018


Neyber gives you access to a number of Financial Wellbeing Books that offer more in-depth information to help you make informed financial decisions - please see the publications at the bottom of this page. 


A Briefing Pack provides further information including some Frequently Asked Questions.



Why should I register with Neyber?

Registering on the site gives you access to Neyber’s Financial Wellbeing Hub where you can access resources to build your financial knowledge and confidence.  It offers you access to free financial education and insights.

In Neyber’s Financial Wellbeing Hub you can:

  • Tell us your financial priorities and we’ll personalise your feed  
  • Access exclusive, expert articles and blogs  
  • Listen to Podcasts and webinars on the go 
  • Use tools and calculators for a clear picture of your money

Create your account for unlimited access by visiting


Salary Deduced Loans

Neyber are now offering affordable loans which you will be able to repay straight from your salary.


Watch this video to see the benefits that Neyber offer.



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