Reality Check

Tell us how it really is!

Tell us how it really is!

Around here, how we work matters!

Unwritten ground rules (UGRs) are beliefs and feelings that affect what we do and the way we act.

See the results from our recent council-wide Reality Checkup under 'Publications'. These will lead to some discussions and prioritised work in each Directorate.

But the important work to improve UGRs is more personal - it's about each of us taking responsibility for the impact we have on colleagues at work...

CheckMates are employees who've volunteered from around the council. They've been trained to facilitate conversations to help us find out what the UGRs are around the council, and to help teams identify ways they might be able to improve things for themselves. If there are issues that individuals or teams can't tackle themselves, CheckMates will raise them with your Directorate Hub and management champion for action.

The more we talk honestly, the more chance we have of making things better.


From UGR to Aspiration

Over 120 CheckMates looked at the results from our first Reality Check (November 2015). They turned the statements you completed into aspirations for the council as a workplace. Although the CheckUp has given us a refreshed set of results, we're still working towards the same aspirations.

In the future we want to be able to say that around here...

  • commitments are made - and they’re real, doable and followed through
  • being open and honest gives you the chance to make a difference
  • customers are treated as we like to be treated ourselves
  • we all understand our plans for future, and feel part of them
  • everyone is treated fairly and with respect
  • we build positive relationships when we work with others
  • we talk openly and honestly about change, and know how it affects us
  • new ideas are welcomed and considered, regardless of where they come from
  • we’re supported, if and when we make a mistake
  • we’re given authority when we show enthusiasm and potential.




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