Walking keeps you feeling great!

Walking keeps you feeling great!

When was the last time you walked to work?


If it was this morning, good on you; unless you were walking only because your car broke down, or your bus driver overslept, like us you’re probably already a huge fan of getting to work on foot.

If not, then below are some pretty good reason why you should at least try walking to work once in a while.


So, why do we promote walking to work?


  • You’re calm - once you’ve worked out how long your route to the office takes, you can pretty much rely on the journey taking the same time each day. How much less stressful is that, than sitting in a traffic queue, or getting stressed out because the #46 bus is late again.


  • You’ve woken up - to the long list of the health benefits of walking; from experience we know that driving or travelling by public transport can mean arriving at work stressed by crowds, traffic, delays or parking nightmares.   Imagine the alternative – you walk through the door rosy-cheeked and full of energy.  You’ve been out in the daylight, setting your body clock for the day, and giving yourself a dose of vitamin D. You’ve kick-started your metabolism and are already beginning to burn off your breakfast. You’ve stretched your legs, and while you’ve been looking around you’ve been giving your eyes a long distance workout (both of which are vital antidotes to desk-based jobs).  I bet that hadn’t crossed your mind!


  • You’re connected - admittedly it’s not practical to read the newspaper, or scanning your mobile whilst navigating pavements! But if being up to date is your thing, it’s amazing how much news you can absorb while walking, such as the daily headlines advertised on newsstands, and what’s playing at the cinemas or theatres you pass.  If you’re a shopper, you’ll find out what shops are opening, what shops are closing, who’s got a sale on. You’ll see notices for special events, gigs, fairs, and street markets.   See? Miraculously you become a mine of information without really trying.


  • You’ve achieved - now this one isn’t for everyone, and we have to admit that we don’t usually manage it ourselves! But if you’re the kind of person that can get yourself out of bed a bit earlier than usual, you can achieve all sorts of useful things on your walk to work, (chances are that you’ll pass a lot more amenities than if you were commuting on wheels).  So you can drop off your dry cleaning, your shoes to be resoled as well as buying tickets for shows, and avoid paying the admin fee. You can buy your lunch. And of course, if you’re more of an owl than a lark, you can do all those things on your walk home instead.


So, why not work out how long it would take you to walk all or part of your route to work, and tomorrow morning give it a try?


You can request more information on how you can get to and from work, and for business travel, by emailing travel.plan@fife.gov.uk


 Happy Walking

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